Last Modified:  December, 2004 (J. Crimando).

Endocrine Tissues:
Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland
The thyroid gland is located anterior to the trachea in the throat.
It produces the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4)
which increase cellular metabolism as well as other functions.

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System or Event Affected Actions of T3/T4
Basal Metabolism   increases basal metabolic rate
  increases body temp (calorigenesis)
  increases appetite
lipid & protein
  promotes glucose catabolism for energy
  stimulates protein synthesis
  increases lipolysis
  enhances cholesterol excretion in bile
Heart   promotes normal cardiac function
Nervous System   promotes normal neuronal development
      in fetus and infant
  promotes normal neuronal function
      in adult
  enhances effects of sympathetic
      nervous system
Musculoskeletal   promotes normal body growth
      and maturation of skeleton
  promotes normal function and development
      of muscles
Reproductive   promotes normal female reproductive
      ability and lactation