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Anterior View Of Major Abdominal Vessels:
    Click on each structure below to find it on the image:

Celiac Trunk
L. Common Iliac Artery
R. Common Iliac Artery
L. Common Iliac Vein
Inferior Vena Cava
L. External Iliac Artery
L. External Iliac Vein
Inferior Mesenteric Artery
L. Internal Iliac Artery
L. Internal Iliac Vein
R. Gonadal Artery
L. Gonadal Artery
L. Gonadal Vein
R. Gonadal Vein
L. Renal Artery
R. Renal Artery
L. Renal Vein
R. Renal Vein
Superior Mesenteric Artery