Cranial Nerves:
Review Info
There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves.
  Olfactory I
  Optic II
  Oculomotor III
  Trochlear IV
  Trigeminal V
  Abducens VI
  Facial VII
  Auditory (vestibulocochlear) VIII
  Glossopharyngeal IX
  Vagus X
  Spinal Accessory XI
  Hypoglossal XII

To help memorize each, a mnemonic is often used by students such as . . .
"On Old Olympic Towering Tops A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops"
Cranial Nerve:        Major Functions:
I Olfactory        smell
II Optic        vision
III Oculomotor        eyelid and eyeball movement
IV Trochlear        innervates superior oblique
turns eye downward and laterally
V Trigeminal        chewing
face & mouth touch & pain
VI Abducens        turns eye laterally
VII Facial        controls most facial expressions
secretion of tears & saliva
VIII Vestibulocochlear
equillibrium sensation
IX Glossopharyngeal        taste
senses carotid blood pressure
X Vagus        senses aortic blood pressure
slows heart rate
stimulates digestive organs
XI Spinal Accessory        controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid
controls swallowing movements
XII Hypoglossal        controls tongue movements

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A Little Cranial Nerve Trivia...
Do you know . . .
Which cranial nerve is the largest?  
Which cranial nerve is the only one that exits the "posterior" side of the brainstem?  
How many cranial nerves are responsible for eye movements?  
What does "abducens" refer to?  
Which cranial nerves carry gustatory (taste) information?  
Which cranial nerve is the longest?  
What two cranial nerves carry sensory information about blood pressure to the brain?  
Which cranial nerve is responsible for pupillary constriction?  
Answers below.